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T.Y.B.A.-Paper VI Indusatrial and Organizational Psychology

Paper Pattern

Psychology Paper VI-Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Con. 830-09. NP-4344

For Regular Students ] ( 2'/2 Hours ) Total Marks : 80
For I. D.E. Students ] ( 3 Hours ) Total Marks : 100

N.B. :- (1) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(2) All answers should be written in the same answerbook.
For Regular Students :
(3) Attempt any two questions from Section I and any two questions from Section II, four questions in all for 80 marks.

For I.D.E. Students :
(4) Section III is only for l.D.E. Students. Attempt any two questions from Section 1 and any two questions from Section Il and the question from Section Ill. Attempt five questions in all for 100 marks.

Section I

1. Write short notes (any four): (20)
(a) Mixed standard scale.
(b) Supervisor as a rating source.
(c) 360 degree feedback
(d) Physical fidelity and psychological fidelity in training.
(e) Job rotation.
(f) Informal training.

2: Explain, the following: (20)
(a) Task performance vs. contextual performance.
(b) Types of performance measures.

3. Discuss in detail individual assessment and assessment centers. (20)

Section II
4. Write short notes (any four): (20)
(a) Forms of commitment.
(b) Effects of unemployment.
(c) Positive influence of multiple roles on work-family balance.
(d) Attempted successful and effective leadership.
(e) Hersey and Blanchard's situational theory of leadership.
(f) Characteristics of transformational leaders.

5. Discuss in detail the goal-setting theory of work motivation. (20)

6. Describe and critically evaluate the classic theory and the human relations theory of
organization. (20)
Section III

(For I.D.E. Students only)
7. Write short notes (any four):
(a) Integrity testing.
(b) Checklists.
(c) Classroom lectures.
(d) Job Enrichment
(e) Trait Approach to Leadership
(f) Total Quality Management

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