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Careers with / in Psychology

Careers with / in Psychology

You need to decide whether you would like to have career in Psychology or with Psychology.
If you want to make career in Psychology then you need to study further and acquire at least post graduation degree.
But if you want to have employment immediately after graduation then also knowledge base and skill sets acquired through the graduation in Psychology prepars you for a variety of careers.
The following is a partial list of fields that are open to students of Psychology

With M.A. (specialization in Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

Human Resource Department of any company/ Banks/hospitals

Become a Teacher

Join Defence Services

your job profile will include helping in recruitment, training, labor relations, maintaining personnel records, etc.

M.A. (specialization in Clinical Psychology) –

Join as clinical psychologist at any good hospital,

As an assistant to Psychiatrists in assessment and diagnosing of mental health
problems of the patients.

Start your own practice

Become a Teacher

Join Defence Services

M.A. (specialization in Counselling Psychology)

Work with hospitals/schools/ Courts as marriage Counsellors/Remand homes/

Start your own practice

Become Addiction Counsellor

Career Counsellor

Be a part of online counsellor service for teenagers

Join any of the Corporate Houses as a counsellor

Become a Teacher

Join Defence services

Join as consultant,companion, counsellor to any eminent sports personality

Join any of the Gyms like Talwarkar as a motivator to their clients

Join Police force to assist in building up community harmony,

Join forensic department in giving better understanding of criminal’s mind

Join Secret Service Agencies

Some of the other fields open are :

Law firms

Journalism/Advertising as a copywriter, program analyzer,

Event Management

Marketing Research Organizations

Social Work with any of the NGOs, especially becoming counsellor for AIDS patients, working with teenagers/ old people

Join any manufacturing organization as a part of safety assurance team after learning human engineering (Design Psychologist)

Population Studies Researcher

Recreation specialist

Public Opinion Interviewer

Hospital Coordinator

Technical writer

Research Psychologist with a company like Google/Microsoft/ Yahoo?Adda

Join as consultant to any of the media houses( to suggest what kind of programs will be successful), political parties ( in helping in gauging the public mind),

List is not exhaustive and will be updated very soon or you can ask me in college

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