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Nonprofit Organisations involved with Women: A - I
Aai-Baba Bahudeshiy Vyam Krida & Yuvak Sanstha
Amravati Town
Yashoda Nagar No.1
Amravati - 444606
Karmayogi: Kundan Shende
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Aai-Baba Education Society has undertaken following activity namely primary school, Balwadi, library, women, saving unit, training & production center for women, social service camp for youth leadership, youth festivals, literacy classes for deserted students and other development activity in rural area

Aalochana, Centre For Documentation And Research On Women
Surlit Apts, 1st Floor
Prabhat Nagar Lane, Opp . FTIT
Off. Law College Road
Pune - 411004
Karmayogi: Ms. Simrida Gopal Singh
Tel: 020 25444122
Fax: x
Notes: To systematically collect and provide information on personal aspects of women’s lives. To document and research through pamphlets, booklets, posters, slides, audio and video cassettes, films, lectures, seminars and camps. To provide a congenial forum where activists, researchers, students, journalists and all those concerned with women’s issues can meet and discuss matters of common concern. To network with women’s groups, libraries and like-minded documentation and research centers at the regional, national and international levels. To undertake translation work from English and Indian regional languages into Marathi and vice-versa.

Aamhi Aamchya Arogya Sathi
Post & Taluka Kurkheda
Gadchiroli - 441209
Karmayogi: Smt. Shubhada Deshmukh / Dr. Satish Gogulwar Member of Executive Committee / Convenor
Tel: 07137-45371, 45380
Fax: x
Notes: To empower the exploited, unorganized and deprived people especially women. To facilitate people’s self-organisations for development. To work for the overall welfare of women and children and provide guidance to people about good health and nutrition.

Aawaaz -E- Niswaan
CBOD Jain School 1st Floor
84, Samuel Street
Mumbai 400009
Karmayogi: Ms. Hasina Khan Yasmin
Tel: 23439421
Category: Women
Notes: Counters the oppression of women faced in their homes, communities and the country. Major work involves fighting for women's rights pertaining to divorce, maintenance, child support, domestic violence etc.

Academy For Mobilising Urban Rural Action Through Education – Aamrae
Devki Singh Chawl Rm No. 8
Behind Adarsh Apts
Golibar Road
Mumbai - 400055
Karmayogi: Mr. Samuel Nazreth
Tel: 26160877, 9820100580
Fax: x
Notes: AAMRAE based in the State of Maharashtra is an indigenous and unconventional non-governmental organization. To work for the empowerment of the poor, particularly women and children. To make the people aware of their and duties. For reading its goal programmes undertaken are all community based with focus on preventive and rehabilitative aspects.

Academy Of Senior Citizens Of Pune-Ascop
10/B, 1 Sangam Park Apts
Pune - 411037
Karmayogi: Dr. Vasant G Munshi
Tel: 020 24263907
Fax: x
Notes: The main activities of ASCOP are directed towards the welfare & development of senior citizens. To facilitate mutual interaction between these organizations they have been divided into 15 groups & attempts are being made to organize group wise programmes. It brings out the monthly House Journal ‘Projyot’ for informing the member organizations the activities of ASCOP. ASCOP strives to work fro the cause of senior citizens without any discrimination regarding religion, caste, creed, sex, education, financial status or political opinions. It protects their views to the Government & local bodies. ASCOP has an important academic wing called “Academy of Senior Citizens’ which undertakes the activities in filed of Education, Training 76 Research.
Aims & Objectives: Create unity amongst various Senior citizens organizations by implementing suitable programmes for exchange of experiences, sharing of resources & motivating struggle for the cause of senior citizens. Co-ordinate various activities of senior citizens Organizations in Pune City for maximum useful results. Organize & conduct programmes for promoting health, social & family integration, culture & knowledge. Undertake research projects in Gerontology as well as Geriantrics & organize lectures, study circles, seminars etc. Generate & publish literature promoting the cause of senior citizens. Issue guidelines for ageing. Undertake any other programmes to promote the above & for solving the problems of elderly.

Acil-Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation, Mumbai
409, New Udyog Bhavan, Bldg No. II,
Moghul Lane
Mahim (W)
Mumbai - 400016
Karmayogi: Mr. Anniruddha Shah All India Co-ordinator
Tel: 24469341, 24456967
Fax: x
Notes: To work for the economic upliftment of small/marginal farmers and landless labourers. To provide economic employment to women belonging to weaker sections. To create self employment opportunities for educated youth, by providing training. To arrange extension programmes and to educate farmers in groups for technological developments on modern farming, animal husbandry etc. To improve the irrigation systems. To facilitate and empower rural poor to improve infrastructure activities like Housing, Sanitation, Biogas etc. To assist rural and urban poor in marketing their products. To promote social and cultural activities. To encourage saving habits and inculcate the spirit of mutual help and to provide credit.

Action For Agricultural Renewal In Maharashtra
Bldg No 2/23 A-B, Raisoni Park
Market Yard
Pune - 411037
Karmayogi: Mr M N Kondhalkar Executive Officer
Tel: 020 24264641, 24268302
Fax: 020 24266303
Notes: To establish a forum for consultation amongst government departments, agricultural credit and development institutes, voluntary agencies, farmers and other sections of the community with a view to increase their involvement in voluntary agency programmes. To act as a forum for necessary research support to obtain information for sound planning of voluntary agency projects. To provide assistance to voluntary agencies to conceive and implement integrated plans for the development of their target groups through liaison with Government Agencies. To provide relief measures and help to the community whenever and wherever possible in emergencies such as drought, flood, earthquake, epidemics etc. To impart training in technical aspects of natural resource development, management of NGOs, development of women, tribal and nomads, etc. with due thrust on education, economic and social development through their participation.

Action For Self Reliance Hope And Awareness – Asha
Vishrambagh Police Stn
Faraskhana Bldg
Budhwar Chowk
Pune - 411002
Karmayogi: Ms. Minal Dani
Tel: 020 24484535
Fax: x
Notes: To undertake activities for the empowerment of women with the aim to make them self reliant and independent. ASHA works for the overall development of women with main emphasis on training, education and health.

Adhar Bahuddheshiya Sanstha
Matru Chhaya Patil Wada
Jalgaon - 425401
Karmayogi: Bharati Patil President
Tel: 0257 23006
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To promote non-formal education and enhance rural development through financial support programs. To create health awareness through focus on vaccination and family planning. To promote kitchen garden programmes and promote women’s development thorough establishment of Mahila Mandals and self help group. To provide family counseling and run the Kishori Vikas program for the development of adolescent girls. To work in the areas of agriculture, watershed development and animal husbandry.

Adivasi Hill Samvardak Mandal
Mehshri, 8/4 Topenagar
Maltekri Tower
Amravati - 444606
Karmayogi: Ms. Mamata Neta President
Tel: 0721 663535
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: To work for rehabilitation of destitute children by establishing and running shelter homes. To encourage the formation of self help groups of women living below poverty line. To encourage the adoption of self employment programmes by women.

Adivasi Mahila Jevan Shikshan Mandal
477 Himri Layout
Himri Nagar
Nagpur - 440008
Karmayogi: Ms. Shoba Y Meshram
Tel: 0712 767428
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Adivasi Mahila Jevan Shikshan Mandal was established and registered in 1987 under societies Registration Act, 1860. To undertake socio-economic development programmes for the poor and downtrodden in rural areas and promote education of women. To establish vocational training centers for the unemployed girls in tribal areas. To mobilize people to work for protection of environment.

Adivasi Sahaj Shikhan Pariwar
250 K, Shaniwar Peth
Pune - 411030
Karmayogi: Smt Anutai Limaye
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: To undertake activities for the development of agriculture and undertake agricultural intensification programmes. To spread awareness and unity among the agricultural labourers. To promote research and to provide training in the filed of agriculture and encourage the use of modern technology in the filed of agriculture. To protest against exploitation of children and work towards eradication of child labour. To work for the overall welfare of women and children.

Peacock Palace
69, Bhulabhai Desai road
Opp. American Counsulate
Mumbai - 400026
Karmayogi: Mrs. Kiran Madan (Central Office Co-ordinator)
Tel: 23611327 / 23682697
Fax: x
Notes: It is a citizens movement dedicated to the cause of good governance. The emphasis is on coming together to solve problems. Citizens are empowered to help themselves through collective action, guidance and necessary information. AGNI JAAGS (Joint Area Action Groups) function in every Municipal Ward to identify and tackle local problems and also implementing centrally planned projects.

Akhil Bhartiya Magasvargiya Samaj Prabhothan Sanstha
16 Prakash Apartment
Kalyan (E)
Thane – 421 306
Karmayogi: Mr S G Gaikwad Chairman
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: To work for the development of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, women and girl children in very remote areas through a residential school. To provide computer education and other forms of vocational training for the needy. To run short stay homes for women in distress.

Akhil Hind Mahila Parishad
Vile Parle Branch
Kum Kum Hall
Mahtma Gandhi Road
Vile Parle
Mumbai 400057
Category: Women
Notes: Provides self employment to women, runs a balwadi and spastic children centre.

501, Neelambari road No 86
Opp Portuguese Church
Gokhale Road
Dadar (W)
Mumbai - 400028
Karmayogi: Ms. Nandita Gandhi
Tel: 24309676
Fax: x
Notes: To disseminate information on and increases awareness and sensitivity towards women’s issues. To support women’s studies, women’s movement and other people’s movements. To conduct gender sensitization programmes like workshops, wall poster project, study-groups, and seminars. To conduct refresher programmes for Mumbai and SNDT University lecturers. To play a supportive role in campaigns on sexual abuse, domestic violence etc.

All Women's Conference
8 Anand Bhavan 54
Bholabhai Desai Road
Mumbai 400026
Tel: 23677981, 23679874
Category: Women

All Saints Home – Women’s Welfare Society
Women’s Welfare Society
54-A, Dockyard Road
Mumbai - 400010
Karmayogi: Mrs. R P Lade, Superintendent
Tel: 23778357, 23708775
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Home for aged women. Should not be sick or bedridden. Meals and medical treatment provided. Non-vegetarian menu.

Annapurna Mahila Mandal
Block No. 10, Navnit Bldg 3rd Flr
125 Ram Mariti Road
Dadar (W)
Mumbai - 400028
Karmayogi: Mrs. Prema Purao
Tel: 24304474
Fax: x
Notes: AMM works for welfare of women and the girl-child. To achieve this it conducts various activities that include educating women on health, nutrition, mother and childcare, family planning, literacy and environmental sanitation. It works for the empowerment of women and enables them to take their own decision and fight for security and rights. The organization also promotes individual and group leadership.

75 Bhulabhai Desai Road
Opp. American Consulate
Mumbai - 400026
Karmayogi: Ms. Leena Joshi (Dir)
Tel: 24949752
Fax: x
Notes: Apnalaya is an NGO running community development in Mumbai slums since 1973. Working with local groups and offering training for capacity building. Programmes include education, recreation, training, community health, vocational training. Service provision to the most marginalized community, capacity building for local groups. Partnership in programmes to improve their living environment.

Arya Mahila Samaj
10 Dr. Kashibai Navrange Marg
Grant Road
Mumbai 400007
Tel: 23805883, 23805868
Category: Women
Notes: Established on 1882, runs a girls hostels for outstation students.

Asha Niketan
Asha Niketan, Counselling Centre
L T 9-11, Vijay Nagar , M M Road
Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400059
Karmayogi: Ms. Jessie Abraham
Tel: 28379382
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Asha Niketan aims at developing individuals who possess a wholesome personality and can handle any situation in life. Asha Niketan does this through counseling, groups encounter sessions, and by running methodology like transactional Analysis, R E T and neuro linguistic programming.

Asha Sadan
Maharashtra State Woemn’s Council
Asha Sadan Marg
Mumbai - 400009
Karmayogi: Mrs. Maya Vidwani
Tel: 23715477
Fax: x
Notes: Asha Sadan is a rescue home for the distressed women and children. It is committed to provide these people with the necessary facilities such as shelter, food, medicines, etc.

Assisi Bhavan Home For The Elderly
C/o St. Joseph Training Institute
Saibaba Complex
Nr. CIBI research Centre
Goregaon (E)
Mumbai - 400063
Karmayogi: Sister Lili
Tel: 28400762
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Comfortable home with individual care. Elders should be able to attend to their own personal needs and be free from infectious disease. Plan to accept bedridden elderly in the future.

Association For Consumers Safety And Health
417, Servants of India Society Bldg
2nd Floor, S V P Road
Mumbai - 400004
Karmayogi: Ms. Yogini Mishra
Tel: 23886556
Fax: x
Notes: ACASH works to inform, educate and organise consumers so as to enable them to secure, protect and preserve their interests and assert their rights as consumers of goods and services pertaining to health and safety, including but not restricted to pharmaceutical drugs, medical services, health care, nutrition including infant and child nutrition, tobacco and other harmful substances, water, cosmetics, etc.

Association For Health Education Assistance And Development
7 Atish Apartment
B-43 Kasturbawadi
Pune - 411015
Karmayogi: Ms. Anita Deshmukh Secretary
Tel: 020 26695921
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: To provide support to developmental actors in education for children and women’s programme. To provide management training and support. To undertake research and documentation, monitoring and evaluation, programme design and system building.

Association For Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation And Treatment – India
9, B Mira Mansion, 1st Floor
Near Sion Depot
Sion West
Mumbai - 400022
Karmayogi: Mr. A Antony Samy
Tel: 24033081
Fax: x
Notes: ALERT- India is engaged in early detection of leprosy cases and provides them with the required treatment without segregation. It works towards creating awareness on leprosy among the community so as to eliminate the fear and myths associated with the disease and propagate the scientific facts about it.

Association For Social Health In India, Mumbai
Barrack No. 4
Behind Yashodham Bldg
Dinshaw Wachha Road
Mumbai - 400020
Karmayogi: Ms. P N Kapadia
Tel: 22028372
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: To provide hostels to divorced women and impart vocational training to them. Association for Social health in India aims at securing equal standards of living for men & women, setting up family counseling centers for strengthening family ties and promoting harmony in family and social living mobilizing public opinion & organizing awareness programmes against social evils. Establishing stay homes and family homes to provide shelter, training and rehabilitation to deserted, destitute and deserving women and girls, treatment of drug addicts at the counseling & de-addiction centers and treatment of STD and promotion of health education programmes are the main activities of ASHI.

Association Of Rural People For Health And Educational Needs
Arphen Row House
2nd Floor, Plot No. C 35/32
Navi Mumbai – 410 210
Karmayogi: Mr. Puthu Kunthu nayak
Tel: 27574315
Fax: x
Notes: ARPHEN’s main aim is to encourage rural development on self-help basis through employment opportunities and other from of resettlement programmes and personal growth. Also to propagate and enlighten the public about rural and urban development so that the community accepts and integrates rural people as valuable citizens capable of growth to their fullest potential.

Atharva Cahritable Trust
Rasta Peth
Karmayogi: Mr. Hemant Solanki
Tel: 020 6340539
Fax: x
Notes: To work for the welfare of the aged. To provide shelter to widows, destitute women, orphans and disabled children.

Bal Asha Trust
King George V Memorial Project
Bal Asha Dham
Dr. E Moses Road
Mumbai 400011
Tel: 24926526
Email: ,
Category: Women
Notes: Established on 1985, Trust aims to rehabilitate needy and deprived women and children. Provides counselling and referral services to non- resident women. Also provides medical services to the poorer sections of the community living mainly in pavement shelters around mazgaon.

Baal and Mahila Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
Raibole Sadan Block No.
424/ 855
Opp. V.G.N. Dept. Store
Dr. Ambedkar Chowk
Subhash Tekdi
Thane 421004
Tel: 95251-2521640, 95251-2530712
Category: Women

Navin Asha 124 Dadasaheb Phalke Road
Mumbai 400014
Tel: 24112234
Category: Women
Notes: Boarding, lodging and education provided for destitute girls.

Bhagini Mandal Kular
Friends Cottage, Pipe Road
Mumbai 4000070
Tel: 24152875
Category: Women
Notes: Women's welfare

Bhratiya Mahila Federation
L / 4 Dalvi Building
Dr. Ambedkar Road
Mumbai 400012
Karmayogi: Ms. Tara Reddy
Tel: 24131608
Category: Women
Notes: Undertakes legal literacy programmes and rights awareness programmes for women. provids family counselling centre

Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women
2- B Clover Apartment
29, Cuffe Parade
Mumbai 400005
Category: Women
Notes: Working for women

Bapnu Ghar
12, Annie Besant Road
Mumbai - 400018
Karmayogi: Ms. Pushpa Sethna
Tel: 24924252
Fax: x
Notes: Bapnu Ghar is a home for socially distressed women. It offers these women with all the basic necessities such as food, shelter and medical care. It aims to rehabilitate these women through training and counseling an help them to go back to the mainstream of the community.

Bayaja Trust
24, Kshipra Sahniwas Society
Karve Nagar
Pune - 411052
Karmayogi: Prof. Saudamini Rao
Tel: 020 25440120
Fax: x
Notes: The Trust works for the welfare of the women. It spreads awareness about various women’s issues, link them with other reforms, people’s movements, etc.

Aurad Shahajani
Latur – 413 522
Karmayogi: Mr. Shasikant Dongre
Tel: 02384 45603, 45576
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To work for social change through training, literacy, rural development specially for women, children and youth.

Bhartiya Dnyanpith Bahuudeshiya Gramin Vikas Sanstha Wadgaon
Shital Nagar
Wadgaon Road
Yavatmal - 445001
Karmayogi: Mr. Shailesh Pisalkar
Tel: 07232 47213
Fax: x
Notes: To spread awareness and unity among the agricultural labourers. To work for the overall welfare of women and children.

Bhatke Vimukta Jati Va Adivasi Dnyanpeeth
24/8, kaikadi Galli
Mangalwar Peth
Solapur - 413203
Karmayogi: Mr. Ramkrishna Mane
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To promote overall development of the dalits, tribals and other backward classes and provide assistance to tribal communities through training for self-employment. To undertake activities for the development of forestry and agriculture and agricultural intensification programmes. To promote production of agricultural crops through natural methods of farming and to help in development of market for natural foods and products. To spread awareness and unity among the agricultural labourers and to work for the overall welfare of women and children.

Bhumata Charitable Trust
6/11 Pritam Nagar
Pune - 411029
Karmayogi: Dr. Budhajirao Mulik
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: to work for the welfare of women and to make the people aware of the need for the conservation and protection of the environment. To undertake relief activities by providing medical aid, imparting education and making the people aware the day to day happenings.

Bombay Community Public Trust
Regent Chambers
5th Floor, Nariman Point
Mumbai – 400021
Karmayogi: Mr. M R Saraf
Tel: 22845928
Fax: x
Notes: To provide financial support to voluntary organizations trying new approaches to problems faced by the underprivileged in the areas of health, education, communal harmony and issues related to environment, women and children.

Bombay Teen Challenge
1 Chuim Village, 1st Floor
Dr. Ambedkar Marg
Khar (W)
Mumbai - 400052
Karmayogi: Mr. Kuniyal Devaraj
Tel: 26042242
Fax: x
Notes: Bombay Teen Challenge is dedicated towards meeting the physical, spiritual and social needs of men and women who are abusers of drug and alcohol and who demonstrates a clear desire to be free of their addiction. Bombay Teen Challenge is dedicated to Commercial Sex Workers who are in bondage, rehabilitate and care for their physical, social, mental and spiritual needs. Bombay Teen Challenge is committed to rescue, educate, care for and help in the overall development of children of commercial Sex Workers. Who are vulnerable and integrate them back to society. Bombay Teen Challenge is committed to care for and treat the above target groups affected by HIV.

Bombay Urban Industrial League For Development
11, Sujata Niwas Housing Society
S v Road, Bandra (W)
Mumbai - 400050
Karmayogi: Mr. George Daniel (General Secretary)
Tel: 26433933
Fax: x
Notes : BUILD envisages an egalitarian society with justice, peace and dignity of persons. To attain this BUILD believes in conscientising the poor and the marginalized and there by to equip and empower them to be active social actors in development process of nation building and also to bargain for their rights and share of power.

Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra
St. John’s Church
Ahmednagar - 414002
Karmayogi: Mr. Alex Gonsalves
Tel: 0241 357570, 32656
Fax: x
Notes: To undertake activities in fields of watershed development, empowerment of women, education, income generation and afforestation.

C C Shroff Self Help Centre
Excel Estate
S V Road
Goregaon (W)
Mumbai - 400062
Karmayogi: Mr. Kishan Bisht / Preeti O Shroff Manager / Chairperson
Tel: 28726151
Fax: x
Notes: To help disadvantaged sections of society particularly women in slums. To conduct various employment programmes and welfare activities.

Cancer Patients Aid Association, Mumbai
Anand Niketan
King George V Memorial
Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi
Mumbai - 400011
Karmayogi: Dr. Shubha Maudgal
Tel: 24924000
Fax: x
Notes: CPAA is working towards the total management of cancer, as a disease in India and neighbouring countries. Its activities encompass every area related to cancer viz. Raising awareness, early detection, insurance, counseling, medical and financial aid and rehabilitation. The thrust is on doing for patients what a hospital cannot and providing information for all.

Cardinal Gracias Home For The Sick & Dying Women Only
Missionaries of Charity
17, Chapel Lane
Santacruz (W)
Mumbai - 400054
Karmayogi: Sister Gonsaga
Tel: 26492994 / 26492997
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Total care of all destitutes and dying women (only from the street). Also runs dispensaries at Mahim and Malad where medicines are distributed.

Centre For Agrarian Research, Training and Education
A3, Jantra Mantar Flats
Amaraoti Road
Nagpur - 440010
Karmayogi: x
Tel: 0712 2535809
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To train dalit and indigenous women to increase their income. To undertake all round development of the tribal people.

Centre For Gerontology And Elderly Medicine
BVDU Medical College
Pune - 411043
Karmayogi: Dr. shasikant Karandikar
Tel: 020 24335510 / 24373226
Fax: x
Notes: The centre for Gerontology And Elderly medicine is a part of medical institute. Its activities cover health, sociology and economics of the old people. The center has higher education link (HE Link) with the Centre for Social Policy Research and Development. The programme envisages development of educational programmes, educational material and research activities focusing on issues of elderly women in both urban and rural areas. Increasing productivity and income generation are emphasized in activities taken up for the older persons.

Centre For The Study Of Social Change
CSSC C/o. M N Roy Human Development Campus
Plot No. 6, F-Block
Opp Govt. Colony Bldg. No. 326
Near Uttar Bharatiya Sanhg
Bandra (E)
Mumbai - 400051
Karmayogi: Dr. R D Poddar
Tel: 26570980, 26570924
Fax: x
Notes: Its main aim is to undertake problem-oriented research in socio-economic problems of the country and to help the community to implement integrated programs for social change. CSSC believes that no strategy of economic development can hope to succeed unless it takes into account the social and cultural as well as the economic aspects of the developmental process. The CSSC is a center of study, research and action with a difference. It is not primarily interested in duplicating or exploring the routine areas of academic research, but pool together and relates th4 findings of such research from the standpoint of devising method of attacking problems confronting any developing democratic society. Centre seeks to bring together specialists and activists in different disciplines as also administrators and policymakers.

Rajguruwada, Moti Chowk
Taluka Khed
Pune - 410505
Karmayogi: Ms. Sudha Kothari
Tel: 02135 223176, 5690838
Fax: x
Email ,
Notes: To promote overall rural development and work for the socio-economic upliftment of women. To provide guidance to people about good health and nutrition. To facilitate communities to organize themselves in ways that enable increased access to and control over their own resources.

Chaitanya Gramin Mahila, Bal Yuvak Sanstha
771, No.4 Mayur Apts
Behind Food World
Bhandarkar Road
Pune - 411004
Karmayogi: Ms. Sudha Kothari
Tel: 020 25672590
Fax: x
Notes: Chaitanya aims to facilitate network of rural women groups focusing on their economic, social and political empowerment. Its activities include formation of self help groups, saving and credits, organizing income generating activities, leadership development networking with other clusters of SHGs, etc.

Chembur Mahila Samaj
Opp. Bhulingeshwar Temple,
D.K Sandu Marg
Mumbai: 400071
Tel: 25285482, 25277476
Category: Women
Notes: Established on 1962, runs a working women's hostel and provides education to the economically backward.

Churchs’ Auxiliary For Social Action
CASA, (RSR Selwing)
Methodist Centre
21 YMCA Road
Mumbai - 400008
Karmayogi: Mr. Sam Selwine
Tel: 3090512
Fax: x
Notes: CASA is a national NGO with its headquarters at Delhi and zonal office at the other metros. CASA has been working in the filed of relief, rehabilitation and development for the past 54 years. Its vision is to visualize a society in which peace justice and equality prevail an helps the marginalized an poor section of the community to have equal opportunity for the involvement in the development process. CASA works for the over development of the rural poor.

City Mission of India Society and Trust (CMS)
Pushpavihar colony
S.V Road
Dahisar (E)
Mumbai 400068
Karmayogi: Ms. P.R Mala Naidu
Tel: 28931931
Category: Children/ Women
Notes: Provides a home for children and women in distress mainly from the slum area. CMS provides children with education and better living conditions.

Citizen’s Council For A Better Tomorrow
130-132, Great Western Bldg
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
Mumbai - 400023
Karmayogi: Ms. Nishreen Khorakiwala
Tel: 23726969
Fax: x
Notes: CCBT is an active organization aiming to involve the business community in India through their active financial, technical and managerial support to raise the quality of life of the Indian poor through fostering social and economic independence, raising standards of education, and strengthening efforts for lasting communal harmony. Some of the goals and objectives of the organization include operating social development projects, training for capacity building of the NGOs and people’s organization and other voluntary groups and building networks for community development and community businesses.

College Of Social Work
Nirmala Niketan
38, New Marine Lines
Mumbai - 400020
Karmayogi: Dr. Mary Alphonse
Tel: 22002615
Fax: x
Notes: The College Of Social Work contributes to the field of social work education. Through training, research and field work, the college imparts professional training to the students. Propelled by values of social justice and human dignity it thus reaches out to the most vulnerable and poor sections of Indian society.

Comet Media Foundation
Topiwala Lane Municipal School
Lamington Rd
Grant Road (E)
Mumbai - 400007
Karmayogi: Ms. Chandita Mukherjee
Tel: 23869052
Fax: x
Notes: It is involved in producing educational communication materials in print, film and video media. Comet promotes alternative visions for a more equitable society by encouraging pluralism, covering a diversity of views and debates.

Committed Communities development Trust – CCDT
46, Chepall Road
Bandra (W)
Mumbai - 400040
Karmayogi: Ms. Sara D’mello (Dir)
Tel: 26443345
Fax: x
Notes: CCDT ensures integrated sustainable community development through a process of participation and self-reliance. The approach includes intervention at the grass-roots level, teaching problem solving skills and advocacy for changes in policy perspectives of the government.

Committeee on Resource Organisation for Mass Programme for Functional Litracy
Shell Colony Road
Shankar Nagar
Opp. Ganesh Mandir
Mumbai 400071
Karmayogi: Mrs. Sujata Khandekar
Tel: 25230404, 25295002
Category: Women
Notes: Established on 1989, focuses on development of women living in the slums and overall community development. Also provides education for slum women, legal aid and counselling.

Community For Advancement Of The Status Of Blind Women
National Association for the Blind, India (NAB) 11
11, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Road
Worli Sea Face
Mumbai - 400030
Karmayogi: Wing Commander Rtd. C M Jaywanth (Exe.Dir)
Tel: 24935365
Fax: x
Notes: To help the visually impaired women. To generate awareness among the people on social issues. To impart education to the blind women.

Common Endeavour For Development
501, Kusum Apt
Sector 17
Navi Mumbai - 400703
Karmayogi: Ms. Sweta Sinhg
Tel: x
Fax: x
Notes: The Common Endeavour For Development (CED) is a registered voluntary organization, committed to strengthen the development capacity of women in order to entitle them to their rights. Vision: To develop an innovative system of micro-credit as an effective instrument for poverty. Mission: To sensitise the women community to combat poverty through small saving and take initiatives to fight for their constitutional and customary rights.

Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme, Mumbai – CASP
Keshavrao Kadam Marg
Municipal School 3
3rd Floor, Room No. 213 & 234
K K Marg
Mumbai Central
Mumbai - 400008
Karmayogi: Mr. T G Pawar Project Manager
Tel: 23006813, 23007853
Fax: x
Notes: CASP’s vision is of a world in which children reaslise their full potential in societies that respect people’s rights and dignity. CASP strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in India uniting people across cultures and adding meaning and value to their lives by enabling children, their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies.

Comprehensive Rural Health Project
Jamkhed – 413201
Karmayogi: Dr. R S Arole Director
Tel: 2421 21322
Fax: x
Email ,
Notes: To provide better health care activities for the needy. To work for the socio-economic development of the community. To run a nutrition programme for adolescent girls and pregnant women. To work for the rehabilitation of leprosy and TB patients. To run an artificial limb and calipers center for the needy. To provide low cost secondary health care activities for pregnant women and their children. To rehabilitate leprosy patients.

Concern India Foundation, Pune
10, Golf Residency Building #2
Nagar Road
Pune - 411006
Karmayogi: x
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To empower deserted women, prostitutes and those living in slums. To work with children of the slums. T work for the welfare of street children with the aim of making them more productive and law abiding citizens. To provide treatment and counseling to alcoholics and drug addicts. To work for the welfare of the aged. To impart education and vocational training to handicapped children to make them self-reliant.

Creative Handicrafts
D/1, Achanak Colony
Mahakali Caves Road
Andheri (E)
Karmayogi: Ms. Rebeca D’Mello
Tel: 28324692
Fax: x
Notes: To organize communities in order to build self-sustainable and self-reliant communities. To provide opportunities for underprivileged women for entrepreneurship and community businesses. To encourage self-employment among poor and needy women. To train interested and needy people of the marginalized community to build and operate own businesses. To extend relief to the poor. To tackle social and environmental issues and to provide local services.

Deep Griha Society
Family Welfare Centre 13
Tadiwala Road
Pune - 411001
Karmayogi: Dr. Neeta Onawala
Tel: 0212 2624382
Fax: x
Notes: To provide better health care, educational and training activities for the needy. To promote research and to provide training in the filed of agriculture. To promote income generation programmes for the people in general. To undertake water conservation and watershed management programmes for socio-economic development. To work for the overall welfare of women and children.

Devdasi & Anath Mahila Ashram
Marathwada Plot
Karmayogi: Mr. Shivaji Vibhate President
Tel: 02452 23519
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To work for the empowerment of women and to solve for the eradication of social evils.

Dharmveer Shikshan Sanstha
Saurabh Colony
V M V Road
Amravati - 444604
Karmayogi: Mr. Prabhakar P Zod
Tel: 0721 574604
Fax: x
Notes: To provide educational activities for women and children. To undertake income generation activities for women. To implement on health and nutrition programmes. To undertake afforesation for the improvement of environmental conditions. To undertake youth development programs. To undertake water conservation and watershed management programmes for socio economic development. To generate awareness about pollution in the society.

Dilasa Janvikas Pratisthan Aurangabad
Sanjay Raj Building
Near Kushal Nagar Post Office
Aurangabad - 431005
Karmayogi: Mr. Sanjay Unhale Secretary
Tel: 0240 3240444, 35145
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To work for the socio-economic upliftment of the villages. To work for the welfare of women with the aim of making them self-reliant and independent. To provide better agricultural activities and undertake watershed development programmes. To network with other like minded organizations and the government with the aim of promoting rural development. To undertake massive afforesation programmes.

Disha Kendra
5 Ratnaraj apartments
Karjat Road
Raigad - 410201
Karmayogi: Mr. Nancy Gaikwad Executive Director
Tel: 02148 222248
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: The Organisation works for the upliftment of the downtrodden through education and consciousness. To enhance the capacities of people’s organisations and social action. To empower masses to establish their rights over their land, forest, water and such other livelihood resources. To provide special attention to the tribal people, Dalit, women and children.

District Benevolent Society Of Mumbai
Sir J J Dharamshala
Jehangir Boman Behram Road
Nagpada Junction
Mumbai Central
Mumbai - 400008
Karmayogi: Mr. Chandrakant Kable, Manager
Tel: 23079838
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Provides home comforts for the destitute aged including shelter, food, clothes, medical care, recreational facilities. Have also started therapeutic Centre, Grandparent Adoption Scheme & Penfriend Scheme. Person should be free from mental & infectious disease & able to attend to their personal needs.

Dr. P. V Mandlink Trust
Hira Manik Bldg.
Swami Vivekanand Road
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Tel: 28725610
Category: Women
Notes: Established on 1971, gives training to the women elected in gram panchayat election.

Dnyanawriddhi Dwara Desh Vikas – Dnyanadevi
918, Ganesh Wadi, Deccan Gymkhana
Pune Theosophical Society
B M C C Road
Pune - 411004
Karmayogi: Dr. Anuradha Sahasrabudhe (Director)
Tel: 020 25675897
Fax: x
Notes: Dnyana Devi works with underprivileged communities primarily in urban slums. It has developed a unique model of recreational activity passed non-formal education for children from such communities. It also covers training to other organization.

Dr Babasahed Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan
Dr Hedgewar Ruganalaya Sindhuteer
Neat ST Workshop, Bhagyanagar
Aurangabad - 431001
Karmayogi: Mr. Anil Bhalerao President
Tel: 0240 331195, 33199
Fax: x
Notes: To uplift deprived women and children. To provide integrated rural development programmes. This rural development organization runs a non-profit hospital, blood bank and community health programmes.

Dr G W Carver Prakalp And Sheti Sanshodhan Kendra
At/PO: Dongar Kinhi
Taluka Patoda
Beed - 413229
Karmayogi: Mr. N D Sonawane President
Tel: 02444 2484455 / 248508
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To undertake activities related to sustainable agriculture and watershed development and management. To work towards the development of women and children through various activities. To undertake women and child health care programmes. To work for integrated rural development.

Dr Hedgewar Rugnalaya
Dr Hedgewar Ruganalaya Sindhuteer
Neat ST Workshop, Bhagyanagar
Aurangabad - 431001
Karmayogi: x
Tel: 0240 331195, 33199
Fax: x
Notes: To work for the upliftment of deprived women and children. To work for overall rural development. To provide help and support to various community groups and to interact with them on various health care issues.

Ecumenical Church Loan Fund Of India
North Zone, C/o NCCI Campus
Civil Lines
Nagpur - 440001
Karmayogi: Mr. V P Sarathy
Tel: 0712 2531312, 52924
Fax: x
Notes: This organisation gives loans to churches and church-related institutions and voluntary organizations, which have no alternative resources for infrastructure development and other community social facilities. To facilitate socio-economic growth of marginalized groups by providing fair credit for socio-economic activities. To promote self-employment, self-reliant and poverty alleviation using micro-credit judiciously to economically, disadvantaged groups, especially women.

Education Health and Agricultural Association
Shaan Manzil Old D. Ed. College Bldg.
at Po. & Ta. Jawhar
Thane 401306
Category: Women
Notes: Concerned with agriculture, education and health issues. Also involved in women's issues and prevention of HIV/ AIDS

Ekatma Samaj Kendra
Baba Sahib Ambedkar Road
Near Old deval
Garage Miraj
Sangli – 416 410
Karmayogi: Mr. B S Bapat Secretary
Tel: 0233 2222308
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To bring about improvement in the living conditions of backward classes (Mahars and others) through cooperative milk production and cooperative farming. To establish Mahila ashrams and Balwadis. To promote self employment schemes for women and youth.

Eternal Hope Charity Mission
Anand Van Co-op Housing Society
F-48, 1st Floor
Room No. 2, Sector 4
Navi Mumbai - 400706
Karmayogi: Mr. Premdas Joshua
Tel: 27615020
Fax: x
Notes: EHCM is working nation-wide for the cause and welfare of the poor, needy, abandoned infants, street children, aged, and women in distress. This includes procurement of land, construction of home for orphaned infants, children, destitute, shelter for street children, media center and related structure, post natal carte of orphaned infants, nursery school educational classes, nourishment programmes for children, destitute, old aged, literacy classes and counseling sessions for street children.

Family Planning Association Of India, Mumbai Branch
Bajaj Bhavan, 1st Floor
Nariman Point
Mumbai - 400021
Karmayogi: Ms. Kamala Nadkarni
Tel: 22029080
Fax: x
Notes: FPAI aims to provide family planning as a basic human right and the norm of a two-child family a voluntary basis and to achieve a balance between population and resources. It also aims to prepare young people for responsible attitudes in human sexually and to provide education and services in under-served areas of the country. It generates awareness about small family through seminars, conferences and media and also by organizing art/literacy competitions.

Family Service Centre
Eucharistic Congress Building III
5, Convent Street
Mumbai - 400001
Karmayogi: Mrs. Mascarenhas Nigama Director
Tel: 22021432, 22828862
Fax: x
Notes: Development capacity building through Mahila Manda, Savings and credit societies, Bal Mandal, vocational trainings, hobby classes, adult literacy balwadi garbage disposal. Education and sponsorship – Financial help for children from underprivileged families of A & B Ward of Mumbai. Life Skill Development and Personality Development. Foster care Prevention of disintegration of families and an alternate care service for children to avoid institutionalization by ensuring the child with same cultural and economic background. Adoption – Rehabilitation of children through adoption counseling and rehabilitation of birth mother.
Aim & Objectives: Family Service Centre is voluntary Organisation committed to preserve, promote and strengthen the family as a unit. The center strives to reach out to families in difficult circumstances through its various non-institutional and community-based programmes. The center believes that since socio-economic pressures in urban areas often result in family stress, disintegration and child destitution, special interventions need to be evolved as a response to the needs of such families ‘at risk’. The main programmes of the centers are Adoption, Fostercare, Sponsorship and Community development. All the programmes of the centre revolve around empowerment and development of the family the main component being the child in the family. The educational sponsorship programme of F.S.C. especially throws light on ensuring rights of the child as enlisted by UN convention on child rights.

Fatima Hostel
60 Mt. Mary Road
Bandra (W)
Mumbai - 400050
Karmayogi: Sister-In-Charge
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Home for young working girls. Drawing low salaries and thus unable to pay for expensive accommodation in the city. Numerical capacity is 35.

Forum Against the Oppression of Women
C/O Kundra Kadam, 120 Safalaya
Building 2 1st Floor
Curry Road
Mumbai 400013
Category: Women
Notes: Established on 1979, investigates cases of rape, offers support, counselling, legal help and organises demonstrations and meetings.

Forum for Women's Health
C/O Jaya Velankar
A 201 Govind Gopal Society
Ashok Road
Cross Road No. 1
Kandivali (E)
Mumbai 400101
Karmayogi: Ms. Jaya Velankar
Tel: 28871559, 28843773
Category: Women
Notes: An NGO working as an action group in the area of women and health, housing a library maintaining a good collection of unpublished papers.

Foundation For Agro Ecological Sciences
Vankhare Layout
Ward No. 32
Buldhana - 444301
Karmayogi: Mr. Satish L Phirke General Secretayr
Tel: 07262 44223
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To promote rural development through increased agricultural activities.
To implement employment generation schemes specially for women.

Gandhi National Memorial Society
Agakhan Palace
Nagar Road
Pune - 411006
Karmayogi: Shobhana Ranade managing Trustee
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To provide training programmes for women in social service, khadi and skill development programmes, including entrepreneurship.

Ganmanta Girl's Vastigruh
Vadoli Talasari P.O
Thane 400606
Category: Women
Notes: Boarding for adivasi girls 20% non adivasi are allowed from the vicinity.

Government Reception Centre for Women
Near Telcom Quarters
Sion Trombay Road
Mumbai 400088
Category: Women
Notes: Temporary shelter home for women.

Gautam Buddha Sevabhavi Sanstha
Opp.Samaj Mandir
Rahul Nagar
Karmayogi: Ms. Sunita Ahire President
Tel: 02452 20784
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To undertake activities for the empowerment of women with the aim to make them self reliant and independent.

Girija Sevabhavi Sanstha
Nageshwari Krishi Sarthi Colony
Basmath Road
Parbhani - 431401
Karmayogi: Mr. Shailesh Kumar Shiradkar Secretary
Tel: 02452 48476
Fax: x
Notes: To work for the overall development of the society with special emphasis on Equality.

Good Shepheds Girls Hostel
Four Bungalows
Off J P Road
Andheri (W)
Mumbai - 400058
Karmayogi: Sister-In-Charge
Tel: 26371863
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Lodging and boarding facilities offered with breakfast and dinner to working girls (Spinsters only). The capacity of the hostel is sixty. Spinster working girls are allowed to stay for four years.

Government Reception Centre For Women
Near Telecom Quarters
Sion Trombay Road
Mumbai - 400088
Karmayogi: x
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To offer temporary shelter homes for women.

Gram Vardhini
17, Vidya Vilas Colony
ITI Road Aundh
Pune - 411007
Karmayogi: Mr. Anant Gogte
Tel: 020 5883155
Fax: x
Notes: Gram Vardhini is a non-profit voluntary organization devoted to the eco-development of rural areas with emphasis on involving the people in restoring the ecological balance while trying to improve the quality of their life. It’s activities include training and motivating farmers for sustainable development, watershed development programmes under various State and Central government schemes. It organizes women and involves them in the development activities, self help groups, income generation activities, health care and child care.

Gram Vikas Mandal, Ratnagiri
Vatad, Mirawane, Khandala
Karmayogi: Mr. V M Nimkar
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To promote overall rural development. To work for the overall development of women, children and youth, and encourage them to participate in rural development activities.

Gram Vikas Sewa Mandal
13-14, PO Gedam
Tadala Road
Chandrapur - 441244
Karmayogi: Charandas Ujeda Chairman
Tel: 07178 20338, 20538
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To promote assistance artisans in the marketing of their products. To promote support to women through training in self employment schemes. To generate awareness among women on social issues. To impart education to children. To provide shelter to widows, destitute women, orphans and disabled children.

Gramayan Aurangabad
Kamlesh Co Opp. Scoiety N6,
Aurangabad - 431003
Karmayogi: Mr. V K Shinde
Tel: 0240 488371
Fax: x
Notes: To work for the socio-economic upliftment of women. To promote principles of equality and social justice so that women and men can develop capacities and participate equally in all aspects of social, political and economic life and they have the right to sustainable livelihood. To promote overall rural development.

Grameen Development Services, Mumbai
A-23, RBI Officers Flats
Jalada, Prabhadevi
Mumbai - 400025
Karmayogi: x
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To work for the overall rural development. To undertake programmes for the welfare of women, artisans and other grass root level organizations. To mobilize the rural community by encouraging them to form self-help groups around savings and credit, and encourages self-management and decision making capacity through a process of community organization building. To promote income and employment generation activities. To provide professional assistance, technical know-how and institutional credit to those in need. To work for the economic upliftment of the poor.

Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sanstha, Amravati
Yashoda Nagar
No. 2, Near Dr.Ambedkar Statue
Karmayogi: Dr. M M Gajbhiye Secretary
Tel: 0721 672637
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To undertake rural and urban development programmes particularly, socio-economic development. To work towards the implementation of development programmes related to rural poor, women and youth. To conduct programmes related to nutrition, rural sanitation and health, watershed development, non-conventional energy and national environmental awareness. To conduct training programmes for women and youth.

Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sanstha, Latur
2/682 – 2 Vishalnagar
Behind Ushakiran Talkies
Latur - 413531
Karmayogi: Shri Onkar Vishwanath Birasdar Secretary
Tel: 02140 - 600000
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To work for the overall development and welfare of rural population. To provide better agricultural facilities and to undertake watershed development programmes. To provide better educational and training facilities. To establish healthcare centers. To make the women aware of their rights with the aim of making them independent and self-reliant. To work for their welfare of the tribal community and to undertake programmes for the eradication of child labour. To promote rural development facilities and encourage farmers to form grain banks and co-operative societies.

Haji Allarakha Sonawalla Anddh/anath Stree Ashram
37 Dadabhai N Road
Opp. Rationinm Office
Andheri (W)
Mumbai 400058
Tel: 26282080
Category: Women
Notes: Home for blind and destitute women.

Health Education Labour Peace Opportunity Foundation
5, Archana Corner
Sahyadri Park
Pune - 411048
Karmayogi: Mr. F S Abdul Salam
Tel: 020 842323
Fax: x
Notes: The foundation is engaged in activities aimed at serving the weaker sections, particularly the rural community. It undertakes various basic development project activities in the filed of environment, sanitation, women and child health, youth development, education for all and income generating activities.

Help (A Crises Centre)
Gold Mist
36 Carter Road
Mumbai - 400050
Karmayogi: Ms. Rinki Bhattarcharya
Tel: 26412799
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: HELP focuses on the welfare of women in distress and helps them to gain their self-esteem. It conducts awareness programmes for the public on domestic abuse. It provides counseling services to women and couples.

Hindu Women’s Welfare Society
Baluben and Jagjiwan Mulji Hostel For Women
172 Agra Road
LBS Marg, Kurla (W)
Mumbai - 400070
Karmayogi: Ms. Shailaja
Tel: 25030540
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Boarding and lodging facilities are provided to working women who come from outside of Mumbai. Girls who come to study are also provided accomadation.

Hind Mahila Samaj
Cutch Castel Opera House
Mumbai 400004
Tel: 23887812
Category: Women
Notes: Women prepare homemade products like pickle, farsan etc. and also conduct tailoring classes at nominal charges.

Hindu Women’s Welfare Society
Shraddhanand Mahila Ashram
Shraddhan Road
Near Kings Circle
Matunga (E)
Mumbai - 400019
Karmayogi: Ms. Nandini Shete
Tel: 24010715, 24039363
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Boarding and lodging facilities are provided to orphaned children and girls are also settled after they grow up by getting them married.

Home For the Aged And Infirm Women
Shraddhanand Mahila Ashram
Deepmal Road
Thane - 401201
Karmayogi: Hon. Secretary / Asst. Superintendent
Tel: 24372552
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Shelter and care for aged women. Bedridden and mentally distributed not admitted. Capacity 60.

Humanities Endowment Foundation
Bldg No. T-7, Flat No. 108, 1st Floor
New Pratiksha Nagar
Sion – Koliwada
Mumbai - 400022
Karmayogi: Mr. Shashikant Ganpat Tari President
Tel: 24010547
Fax: x
Notes: Help poor and down trodden people by offering financial aid and medical expenses. Also adopts small girls to look after her educational and medical expenses the girl should be from very poor family. Planning to open a modern home for the aged shortly in Konkan Area of Maharashtra. The foundation in desperate need of donations whether small or big from well wishers.

Impact India Foundation
Nhava House (1st Floor)
65, Maharshi Karve Road
Marine Lines
Mumbai - 400002
Karmayogi: Mrs. Zelma Lazarus, CEO
Tel: 56339605
Fax: x
Notes: IMPACT India Foundation is a United Nations Inter-Agency Global Initiative for the Prevention of disablement. It is promoted by UNDP, UNICEF and the WHO. It works towards the prevention and cure of disability. Impact develops new techniques and solution, mobilizing resources and co-ordinating skills and experience at all levels to achieve its goal.

Indian Institute of Social Work, Managing Research
14, Sadanand Bldg.
Tadkar Society
Shivaji Nagar
Thane 400601
Tel: 25371198
Category: Women
Notes: Works in the area of non formal education and women's empowerment. Undertakes campaigns for environment awareness.

Initiatives: Women in Development
A 102 Vasant View
D'monte Lane
Mumbai 400064
Category: Women
Notes: Works towards equality, justice and empowerment of women and gender justice in all areas of concern.

International Women's Association
Children's & Womwne's Clinic
Fort Gratnitons Dispensary Bldg.
D Sukhandwala Marg
Mumbai 400001
Karmayogi: Ms. Korshed Dadachanji
Category: Women
Notes: Gynaecology and family planning clinic and child welfare activities.

India Sponsorship Committee
Mathiradas Estate Building
43-45 Colaba Causeway
Mumbai - 400039
Karmayogi: Dr. Zulie Nakhooda
Tel: 22020393
Fax: x
Notes: ISC promotes education of children from vulnerable sections through residential and community based non-residential programmes with the ultimate objective of rehabilitation through a purposeful education.

Indian Health Organisation
Municipal School Building
JJ Hospital Compound
Mumbai - 400008
Karmayogi: Dr. Ishwarprasad Satyanarain Gilada
Tel: 23061616
Fax: x
Notes: IHO is working in the field of AIDS control. It has developed a conceptual plan to establish a comprehensive AIDS training, research center and care and rehabilitation center. It conducts various programmes for making the people aware of the ill effects of AIDS and ways to prevent it.

Indian Health Organisation, Pune
428, Mangalwar Peth
Ranjeet Complex
Pune - 411011
Karmayogi: Mr. Rajesh Jainjangade
Tel: 020 633996
Fax: x
Notes: IHO works towards the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS awareness programme for making sex workers, human rights education.

Initiatives: Women In Development
A-102, Vasant View
Dmonte Lane
Malad West
Mumbai - 400064
Karmayogi: Ms. Kranti
Tel: x
Fax: x

Notes: The vision of IWID is to work towards equality, justice and empowerment of women. To work towards gender justice in all areas of concern.

Institute For Sustainable Development And Research
Plot no. 14, Saikrupa, Ganesh Colony
Faizpur - 425503
Karmayogi: Mr. Lalit Kumar Chaudhari
Tel: x
Fax: x
Notes: Brief information about ISDR- INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH (ISDR) is registered non profit NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION (NGO) working for the sustainable development. The areas of functioning are education, training research & development on Natural resources like soil, water, air, agriculture, forest, coastal and river management & its conservation, rural & urban planning, infrastructural development, industrial development, socio-economic development, gender issues, poverty alleviation, environment management, climate change etc. ISDR facilitate local initiatives such as natural resources development and management, rural and agricultural development, environment conservation, water management, urban planning-development and management, income generation projects for youth and women, education & training, and socio-economic development by mobilizing collective and participatory action towards self-reliance and sustainability.

Investment In Man Trust
Rahi Sakha Apartments
4th Floor, Singhad Road
Pune - 411030
Karmayogi: Mrs. Meenakshi Apte
Tel: 020 4335108
Fax: x
Notes: IIM’s objectives include initiating and pursuing programs of economic regeneration and welfare, co-operating with other agencies working towards similar objectives; and inviting young men and women, especially with a formation in technology or the science to participate in such activities.

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