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Psychology Paper II -- `Social Psvchology' at the S.Y.B A. to be brought into force with effect from the academic year 2009-2010


1.To impart knowledge of the basic concepts and modern trends in Social Psychology
2.To foster interest in Social Psychology as a field of study and research
3.To make the students aware of the applications of the various concepts in Social Psychology in the Indian context

Term 1 (Topics 1 to 5)

1 . The Field of Social Psychology

a) Social Psychology: what it is and what it does
b)Social Psychology: its cutting edge
c) A brief look at history: the origins and early development of Social Psychology
d) Research as the route to increased knowledge
e) The role of theory in Social Psychology
f) The Quest for Knowledge and Rights of Individuals: Seeking an Appropriate Balance

Topic 2: Social Cognition
a) Schemas: Mental frame works for Organizing and Using Social Information
b) Heuristics: How We Reduce Our Effort in Social Cognition
c) Automatic and controlled processing: two basic modes of social thought
d) Potential Sources of Error in Social Cognition
e ) Affect and Cognition : how feelings shape thought and thought shapes

Topic 3: Social Perception
a) Nonverbal Communication: The unspoken Language of Expressions, Gazes and Gestures
b) Attribution: Understanding the Causes of Others' Behavior
c) Impression Formation and Impression Management
Topic 4: Attitudes
a) Attitude Formation: How Attitudes Develop
b) When and why do Attitudes Influence Behavior?
c) How do attitudes guide behavior?
d) The Fine Art of Persuasion: how Attitudes are changed
e) Resisting Persuasion attempts
f) Cognitive Dissonance: What it is and how we manage it?
Topic 5: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination
a) How members of different groups perceive inequality
b) The Nature and Origins of Stereotyping
c) Prejudice and Discrimination: feelings and actions toward Social groups
d) Why Prejudice Is Not Inevitable: Techniques for Countering Its Effects

Term 2 (Topics 6 to IO)

Topic 6: Interpersonal Attraction and Close Relationships
a) Internal determinants of attraction: the Need to Affiliate and the basic role of Affect
b) External determinants of attraction: Proximity and others' Observable Characteristics
c) Factors based on interacting with others: Similarity and Mutual Liking
d ) Close Relationships: family and friends
Topic 7: Social Influence
a) Conformity: Group Influence in Action
b) Compliance: To Ask - Sometimes - Is to Receive
c) Symbolic social influence: how we are influenced by others even when they are not there
d) Obedience to Authority
Topic 8: Prosocial Behaviour
a) Why people help: motives far Prosocial Behavior
b) Responding to an Emergency: Will Bystanders help?
c) External and internal influences on helping behavior
d) Long-term commitment to prosocial acts
Topic 9: Aggression
a) Perspectives on Aggression: In Search of the Roots of Violence
b) Causes of Human Aggression: Social, Cultural, Personal, and Situational
c) Aggression in Long-Term Relationships: Bullying and Aggression at Work
d) The Prevention and Control of Violence: Some Useful Techniques

Topic 10: Groups and Individuals
a) Groups: When we join and when we leave
b) The benefits of Joining- what groups do for us
c) Effects of the presence of others: from task performance to behavior in crowds
d) Social Loafing: letting others do the work
e) Coordination in Groups: Cooperation or Conflict?
f) Perceived Fairness in Groups: Its nature and effects
g) Decision Makinng by Groups: How it occurs and the pitfalls it faces

Book for Study:
Baron, R. A., Branscombe, N. R., & Byrne, D. (2008). Social Psychology. (12th ed.). New Delhi: Pearson Education, Indian subcontinent adaptation 2009
Books for Reference
Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D., & Akert, R M. (2007). Social Psychology. (6"' edi.), New
Jersey: Pearson Education Prentice Hall
2. Baumeister, R. F., & Bushman, B. J. (2008). Social Psychology and Human Nature. International student edition, Thomson Wadsworth USA
3. Delamater, J. D., & Myers, D. J. (2007). Social Psychology. (6'h edi.), Thomson Wadsworth International student edition, USA
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6. Taylor, S. E., Peplau, L. A., & Sears, D. O. {2006}. Social Psychology.(12th - edi. New Delhi: Pearson Education

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